Asset Management

E.ON invested more than $5 billion across North America to establish the infrastructure and knowledge base to run all aspects of a renewable energy business. E.ON has invested millions of dollars in the North American market and has a fully dedicated staff to assist you with asset management.

E.ON operates a fully manned dispatch and scheduling desk which is open 24/7. Our dedicated SCADA and engineering teams are on call to help satisfy your needs. We are extremely familiar with the requirements of investors, tax equity partners and can do everything from pay royalties and taxes to detailed investor reporting.

E.ON performs all of our own switching. We can fully maintain your collection system, substation and balance of plant systems, whether under warranty or not.

If you encounter issues with system operators or other regulators, we have dedicated regulatory and compliance staff able to assist you.

Our comprehensive infrastructure includes:

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Relay Monitoring
  • Turbine Condition Monitoring
  • Procurement and Warehousing Facilities
  • Lease Management Software
  • Investor, Tax Equity, Financial Reporting and Safety Systems

Joining our asset management program will allow you to minimize your investment and maximize your results.