Owner’s Eye

As a major owner that works with manufacturers, independent providers and through our internal program, E.ON has now developed an approach that takes the best practices from around the globe to provide a unique service offering to you.  Let us turn our experience into your advantage.  Our program has allowed us to improve operating conditions, lower costs and ensure greater reliability.

Learn about our experience bringing an Owner’s Eye to:

Protecting Equipment

Through the use of CMS and active management we learned that some very simple maintenance techniques could dramatically lower operating temperatures in certain turbines. Ask Us How

Saving Cost

We’ve seen a number of parts dealers sell us expensive replacements when a lot of equipment can get retrofitted much more cost effectively. Ask Us How


When certain pitch battery assemblies required us to throw out a number of good batteries, E.ON worked with a parts vendor to design a fix. Ask Us How


We implemented a pro-active solution to address the risk of turbine fire that is less than our basic insurance deductible. Ask Us How